Frequently Asked Questions

How are the tables made?

We print directly on wood with a large format printer. The underside of the table top is pre-drilled for four sturdy steel hairpin legs that you will screw on once your table arrives.

Is the table surface durable?

Yes. LAMOU tables are built to last. No worries about spilling or leaving glass rings on the wood top. There is a moisture impervious coating applied to the table top. Protect your table from direct contact with heat by using a coaster or placemat. Remember to treat your LAMOU table like any other fine furniture.

What if I don't have any ideas for my table?

Check out our carefully curated collections or our artist collections. We're always adding to our portfolio, so check back regularly and see what's new. We are sure you will find something inspiring to put on your table.

How is my table shipped/delivered?

Your table will come in a flat packed box with table top (pre-drilled for legs), four hairpin legs, screws and instructions for assembly.

What if I don't like the table when I receive it?

If you uploaded your own image and printed it, sorry, we won't be able take back your table. If you purchased a table with an image from one of our collections or artist images, you can return the table to LAMOU within 30 days of receipt of the table. You will receive a complete refund, but will be responsible for shipping back to LAMOU. Please see our Shipping & Returns policy.

Do you offer design advice/consultation?

For help with your design files, there is a $60 per hour fee.
If you need help on selecting an image from our collections and send us a photo of your room, we can make suggestions, but we won't design the table for you.

Can I customize table sizes?

No. Tables are available in three standard sizes: two side tables and one coffee table. We will be adding to our product selections, so check back soon.

Can I customize wood species for the table top?

Not yet. We are working on getting other wood species for the collection and will let you know as soon as we do. For now we feel Baltic Birch is the perfect species for accurate color rendition and balanced play of wood grain.

How long will it take to receive my table?

It will take approximately 2 - 3 weeks for you to receive your table. 

Can I buy LAMOU tables in a store?

We are determined to offer you the best possible prices for LAMOU products, and for that reason we sell almost exclusively via e-commerce until we can assure you the same quality and price in a retail store. You won't see the same LAMOU designs in retail stores. We have a few  retail partners who carry exclusive designs to them.  Check them out at Flora Home South Dartmouth, MA, Timeless Interiors Hamilton, MA, Coastal Furniture, and Portsmouth, NH. 

Where are the tables made?

The tables are made, printed and designed in Michigan and Rhode Island. The only component we outsource is the hairpin legs.

What are the sizes of the tables?

There are three standard table sizes: 15''w x 15''l x 23''h, 20''w x 20''l x 23''h, 23.5''w x 47.5''l x 17''h

Can I switch out the leg heights on a table?

Yes you can. If you are ordering for a child’s room, for example, you may want to order 16'' legs.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Presently, we are shipping to addresses in the United States only. Orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will be charged accordingly at higher rates. We are unable to ship to U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico. Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy

What is your return policy?

We accept returns on any table deemed defective upon delivery for 30 days. If you have chosen an image from the collections on our site, and you don't like it or it doesn't go with your vision, you may return it for a full refund as long as all parts are returned to us in the condition that they were received and in the original packaging. If you have uploaded your own design or image and don't like the results, we're afraid you are stuck with it once you sign off on the order. Please see our Shipping and Returns policy.

Do you allow for exchanges?

Yes we do. We exchange defective merchandise. We can exchange a table for another table if, for some reason, you are unhappy with your order. This service is only available for tables ordered from the LAMOU Collections. You may return and exchange a table if you are dissatisfied, but only once.Please see our Shipping and Returns policy.

Which credit cards can I use?

Visa or MasterCard. You can also pay through Paypal.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged at the time you place your order.

Where is sales tax charged?

Sales tax will be charged for tables delivered to Rhode Island and Michigan. This may change going forward to include other states. We will let you know.

Where do I upload my own image?

To upload your image go to the Builder Page. There you will find all the necessary instructions to make your completely customized table.

Can I upload a photo from my iPhone or Android?

Yes, you may. We suggest that you check the model specifications and specifically the megapixels on your phone’s camera. A general rule of thumb is that an 8MP camera and above will produce a great quality 15”x15” or 20”x20” table. For the 23.5”x47.5” table we suggest 12MP and above for top quality but an 8MP will work fine as well.

If you are using a mobile device and press the “Upload Your Image” button, the Builder will give you the option to turn on the camera and snap a picture to upload. Make sure the camera is set to maximum MP settings.