LAMOU Graphics Acceptance Policy

In order to ensure the quality of finished Design Your Own Tables and preserve our reputation in the marketplace, we may reject some image files (“Personal Images”) submitted for use on our Design Your Own Tables because of their quality or content. Below are policies that we apply to the acceptance of Images, but you should note that we reserve the absolute right to reject any Personal Image submitted for use on a Design Your Own Table.

We want you to get the best results using the Design Your Own Table application on our Builder. Instructions and quality standards for submitting your own photos or artwork can be found in Builder / Printing FAQ's.

We may reject images that we believe will not result in a high quality finished LAMOU Table.

We reserve the right to reject any Personal Image that we believe is offensive or may trigger legal liability. In particular, we may reject Personal Images that:

  • We believe are likely to infringe the intellectual property or other rights of a third party, including rights of privacy and personality;
  • use symbols or marks signifying hate towards another group of people;
  • contain or consist of hateful and/or racist terms;
  • are pornographic;
  • exploit images of, or the likeness of, minors;
  • reveal the personal information of another person;
  • contain vulgarities or offensive remarks;
  • depict violence;
  • depict or glamorize the use of illegal drugs; or
  • we believe are otherwise prohibited by applicable law

The list above is NOT exhaustive, and only serves as a general guideline.