Frequently Asked Questions

What is the printing method?

We print your photographs or artwork with full color inkjet printing directly on to wood.

What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload the following file formats for photography and artwork:

More file types will be supported in the future.If you would like to send us vector artwork, please mail us at

Can I use my iPhone or Android device for photos?

Yes, you may. We suggest that you check the model specifications and specifically the megapixels on your phone’s camera. A general rule of thumb is that an 8MP camera and above will produce a great quality 15”x15” or 20”x20” table. For the 23.5”x47.5” table we suggest 12MP and above for top quality but an 8MP will work fine as well.

If you are using a mobile device and press the “Upload Your Image” button, the Builder will give you the option to turn on the camera and snap a picture to upload. Make sure the camera is set to maximum MP settings.

Does the Builder support any touch specific controls for mobile devices?

Yes, on mobile devices use one finger to rotate the table, three fingers to move/pan the camera and pinch/spread to zoom in or out.

Will the Builder let me know if my image is low resolution?

Yes, the Builder will give you feedback on your image.

For the 15"x15" and 20"x20" tables: A red colored indicator will mean that the image is less than 2MP and the image quality will be poor. An orange colored indicator will mean that the image is between 2-8MP and will produce medium quality images. A green colored indicator will mean that the image is 8MP or above and will produce the best quality images.

For the 23.5"x47.5" tables, the indication range is as follows: Red indicates that up to 8MP will produce poor quality images. Orange indicates that between 8-12MP will produce medium quality images. Green indicates that 12MP and above will produce the quality images.

What is dpi?

A digital image is a rectangle made up of many small squares of color called pixels. The number of pixels across the width and height of the image is called the resolution. The more pixels in the image file, the higher the resolution. We can print from almost any image resolution, but the print quality may not be the best when we make large prints from smaller image files. These are only guidelines and there are many factors that may affect the quality of your photos or your artwork. Find your print size: resolution/300 DPI = print size in inches.

Can I add typography as part of my photography or artwork?

Yes, however converting all fonts to outlines or embedding is required.

Can I upload a scanned image?

You may, but the image should be professionally scanned before it is uploaded to the Builder.

What files should be avoided?

Do not use photos taken from the internet or screen shots as they will be low resolution. If you would like to upload a scanned image, please use an image that has been professionally scanned.

Can I use a stock photo that I downloaded from the internet?

Yes, you may, but you must ensure that you have permission to use a copyrighted image to print on a LAMOU table.

Do you review the files before printing?

Yes, LAMOU reviews every file and will notify you if there is either a problem with the resolution or we have a question regarding copyright.

Do you offer file management?

Yes, we do. There is a charge of $60 per hour for help with your files.

How can I get a wood background on a table surface?

In photos or artwork, all white as opaque. If you would like transparency and to have the wood show as background, you need to use transparency settings in your file. By doing so, the print will read as a figure and ground relationship.